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Between them, Catalogue and The Colchester Archaeologist span over thirty years and provide an easy route into exploring archaeological fieldwork in the town since 1977. For earlier material, In Search of Colchester's Past is a short general account starting in the 19th century and finishing in 1984. (A notable omission is City of Victory: the Story of Britain's First Roman Town which, because it is still available for sale, is not available for download.) Many of the site reports are simply factual accounts of fieldwork projects which produced little or no useful archaeological information. As a guide to content, you may find it useful to use the star system which you will find in the summaries under Significance of the results. Three stars flag up the reports with the most significant results, two stars indicate a report of middling value, and one star tells you that the report includes new information of only marginal archaeological significance. 'Neg' (negative) means that the fieldwork described in the report produced no useful new archaeological information.