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CAT Reports related to demolition debris

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CAT Report 385:Archaeological monitoring at firstsite:newsite and in Queen Street, Colchester, Essex: April 2006
CAT Report 388:Watching brief report: 28 Hythe Quay, Colchester, Essex
CAT Report 395:Archaeological watching briefs and an excavation in Balkerne Passage and Balkerne Gardens, Colchester, Essex: June-November 2006
CAT Report 397:An archaeological watching brief at Colchester Castle, Colchester, Essex: October 2006
CAT Report 399:An archaeological evaluation at the former Hamilton Motors site, Boreham, Essex: November 2006
CAT Report 406:An archaeological evaluation at Short Cut Road, Colchester, Essex: January 2007
CAT Report 408:An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching in the car-park of the Adult Community College, Grey Friars, High Street, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2007
CAT Report 411:Watching brief report: 3 Church Street, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2007
CAT Report 422:An archaeological evaluation by test-pitting on the putting green and in the nursery, Upper Castle Park, Colchester, Essex: April 2007
CAT Report 622:Report on an archaeological evaluation by test-pitting at Williams & Griffin, 147-155 High Street, Colchester, Essex - November 2011
CAT Report 740:An archaeological watching brief at Grey Friars Hotel, High Street, Colchester, Essex, ??? ???: February 2012-June 2015
CAT Report 814:Archaeological investigations in Upper Castle Park, Colchester, Essex: April 2014-January 2015