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CAT Reports related to farm

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CAT Report 577:Archaeological monitoring and excavation at Wendens Hall Farm, Wendens Ambo, Essex - December 2010
CAT Report 581:Historic building record of barn and cart lodge at Sparrow Hall Farm, Sparrow Lane, Needham Green, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex - October 2010
CAT Report 702:Historic building recording at Mudwall Farm, High Easter Road, Barnston, Essex, April 2013
CAT Report 705:Historic building recording at Old Lodge Farm, White Hart Lane, Springfield, Essex, May 2013
CAT Report 727:Historic building recording at Highfields Farm, Highfields Lane, Kelvedon, Essex - July 2013
CAT Report 748:Historic building recording at Betts Farm, Stebbing Road, Bardfield Saling, Essex - December 2013