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CAT Reports related to medieval ditch

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CAT Report 31:Brinkley Grove: an investigation of a scheduled earthwork to the north of Colchester: June 1998 and February 1999
CAT Report 34:A watching brief on an electricity cable-trench at Ardleigh, Essex: April 1999
CAT Report 113:Excavation and recording at 11 Short Wyre Street, Colchester, Essex in 1988
CAT Report 114:Archive report on an archaeological evaluation at Crossways Garage, Brook Street, Colne Engaine, Essex: November 2000
CAT Report 165:An archaeological evaluation on land west of Colchester General Hospital (NHS Estates West District Site), Colchester, Essex: August-September 2001
CAT Report 166:An archaeological excavation at Church Farm, Alresford, Essex: October-November 2001
CAT Report 176:An archaeological evaluation on land at the junction of Hall Road and Goldsands Road, Southminster, Essex: January 2002
CAT Report 404:Stage 1b archaeological evaluation, Alienated Land Area S2 (south), Colchester Garrison, Colchester, Essex: January 2007
CAT Report 437:Stage 1b archaeological evaluation, Alienated Land Area J2, Colchester Garrison, Colchester, Essex
CAT Report 439:Iron Age, Roman, medieval and post-medieval remains at Heybridge Hall, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex: evaluation September 2007