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CAT Report 13:Co-operative Society's store, Long Wyre Street, Colchester, Essex: archaeological evaluation, a preliminary report - December 1997
CAT Report 14:An archaeological evaluation at the Co-operative Society's store, 21-31 Long Wyre Street, Colchester, Essex, in 1997
CAT Report 473:An archaeological watching brief at the Central Clinic, High Street, Colchester, Essex September 2007-March 2008
CAT Report 477:Roman houses and streets in Insulas 31/32 of Roman Colchester: excavations in advance of the construction of the Visual Arts Facility, East Hill, Colchester, Essex November 2006-December 2007 and June 2008
CAT Report 483:An archaeological evaluation of the proposed extension to the ‘south site' buildings at the Sixth Form College, North Hill, Colchester, Essex - May 2008
CAT Report 556:An archaeological excavation at 21 St Peter's Street, Colchester, Essex in 2008: 2010
CAT Report 599:A watching brief at firstsite, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester, Essex - December 2010-March 2011
CAT Report 651:Stane Street revealed: archaeological monitoring at 46 High Street,
MISCO Report 3:Roman Colchester