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CAT Report 38:Watching brief report: the Old Poultry Market site, North Station Road, Colchester
CAT Report 61:Watching brief report: 14 Magdalen Street (rear of), Colchester, Essex - February 2000
CAT Report 112:Watching brief report: 4A East Hill, Colchester
CAT Report 227:Archaeological monitoring and recording at the rear of 6-8a South Street, Rochford, Essex: February-March 2003
CAT Report 243:An archaeological watching brief at 24-26 Mersea Road, Colchester, Essex: December 2002-June 2003
CAT Report 567:An archaeological watching brief at St Botolph’s Priory, Colchester, Essex: April-May 2010
CAT Report 599:A watching brief at firstsite, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester, Essex - December 2010-March 2011
CAT Report 892:Archaeological watching briefs at Abbey House, St John’s Green, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7EZ: March 2013-June 2014
CAT Report 1007:A Roman round-house: archaeological excavation and monitoring on land at St Mary's Primary School, Docwra Road, Kelvedon, Essex, CO5 9DS: August 2016-July 2017
CAT Report 1575:A prehistoric ring-ditch and Roman landscape at Lanswood Park, Elmstead Market, Essex: evaluation and excavation