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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAR Report 01: summary

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Colchester Archaeological Report 1: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Colchester
by Philip Crummy
(with contributions from Nina Crummy, Tania M Dickinson, Vera I Evison, Patricia Galloway, D E Greenway, Margaret Guido, Sonia C Hawkes, S E Rigold, D Stephenson, D M Wilson, G Zarnecki)

Date report completed: 1981
Map reference(s):
File size: 9836 kb
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Significance of the results:
Keywords: st john's abbey, anglo-saxon, colchester, norman, domesday, culver street, lion walk, bones, brooch, weapons, eudo dapifer, colchester castle

Summary. Contents


Introduction and acknowledgments

Chapter 1 - The archaeological evidence: 5th to 9th centuries

Chapter 2 - Some written evidence

Chapter 3 - The ceramic evidence: 10th to 12th centuries

Chapter 4 - Excavations in the grounds of St John's Abbey

Chapter 5 - Topographical evidence

Chapter 6 - Stone houses in Colchester

Chapter 7 - Colchester from the 5th to the 12th century: general discussion and summary

Appendix 1 - Origins of personal names of burgesses in Colchester Domesday and of moneyers operating in Colchester during the period 979-1087 by Nina Crummy

Appendix 2 - Bronze mount from the castle bailey

Appendix 3 - Earliest known references to present streets in Colchester town centre by Nina Crummy

Appendix 4 - Notes on Colchester keep

Appendix 5 - Notes on the borough seals of Colchester

Appendix 6 - Descriptions of illustrated pottery and other clay objects



Colchester Archaeological Trust, Department of the Environment, and Council for British Archaeology

First Edition 1981

Reprinted 1995 by the Colchester Archaeological Trust (with a few additional footnotes)

ISBN 0 906780 06 3