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CAR Report 02: summary

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Colchester Archaeological Report 2: The Roman small finds from excavations in Colchester 1971-9
by Nina Crummy

Date report completed: 1983
Map reference(s):
File size: 8040 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: roman small finds, roman





Category 1 : Objects of personal adornment or dress with contributions from Elizabeth Fowler, Martin Henig and Mark Hassall

Category 2: Toilet, surgical or pharmaceutical instruments with contributions from Patricia Galloway and Mark Hassall

Category 3: Objects used in the manufacture or working of textiles

Category 4: Household utensils and furniture with a contribution from D G Buckley and H Major

Category 5: Objects used for recreational purposes

Category 6: Objects employed in weighing and measuring

Category 7: Objects used for or associated with written communications

Category 8: Objects associated with transport

Category 9: Buildings and services

Category 10: Tools

Category 11: Fasteners and fittings

Category 12: Objects associated with agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry

Category 13: Military equipment with contributions from Dr Graham Webster and Stephen Greep

Category 14: Objects associated with religious beliefs and practices with a contribution from Dr JP Wild

Category 15: Objects and waste material associated with metal working

Category 16: Objects and waste material associated with antler, horn, bone and tooth working

Category 17: Objects and waste material associated with the manufacture of pottery vessels or pipeclay objects

Category 18: Objects the function or identification of which is unknown or uncertain


Object index

Index of objects by material(s)

Microfiche supplement:

Categories 1 to 18 as above

Appendix 1 : The jet pin roughs in the Yorkshire Museum

Appendix 2: Grave goods from the Butt Road cemeteries

Appendix 3: Further pottery counters

1983 Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd and Department of the Environment

Reprinted 1995