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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAR Report 08: summary

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Colchester Archaeological Report 8: Roman vessel glass from excavations in Colchester, 1971-85
by H E M Cool and Jennifer Price

Date report completed: 1995
Map reference(s):
File size: 14812 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: roman glass


1. Introduction

2. Cast objects and vessels

3. Mould-blown vessels

4. Polychrome brown vessels

5. Cups and beakers

6. Bowls

7. Jars

8. Jugs

9. Flasks and unguent bottles

10. Miscellaneous forms and body fragments

11. Bottles

12. Waste

13. An overview of glass vessels from Colchester

14. The origins of the glass vessels in use in Roman Colchester

15. The vessel-glass assemblages from the sites





1995 Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd and English Heritage

Published 1994 by Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd, 12 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex C03 3NF

ISBN 1897719027