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CAR Report 09: summary

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Colchester Archaeological Report 9: Excavations of Roman and later cemeteries, churches and monastic sites in Colchester, 1971-85
by Nina Crummy, Philip Crummy, Carl Crossan
(with contributions from H Cool, J Cotter, C Cunningham, John A Davies, C Going, A Harris, S Pinter-Bellows, J Price, R Reece, D Shimmin, N A Smith, A Stirland, R P Symonds, and D Watts)

Date report completed: 1993
Map reference(s):
File size: 47559 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: butt road, church, cemetery, burial, bones, christianity, st john's abbey, roman


1. Introduction

2. Excavations at Butt Road 1976-79, 1986, and 1988

3. Excavation of Roman Church at Butt Road

4. An Assessment of the Evidence for Christianity at the Butt Road Site

5. Excavations and Observations in the Grounds of St John's Abbey, 1971-85

6. Excavations at Maldon Road, 1971

7. Excavations at No 42 Crouch Street, Colchester, 1988

8. The Cemeteries of Roman Colchester

Appendix 1: Summary of burial characteristics, Butt Road

Appendix 6: Analysis and description of the human remains from St John's Abbey Grounds and the Maldon Road site, 1971-2




1993 Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd and English Heritage
Published 1993 by Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd, 12 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex C03 3NF

ISBN 1-897719-01-9