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CAT Report 22: summary

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Excavations at the Co-operative Society's stores, Long Wyre Street, Colchester: assessment report
by Brooks, H
(with contributions from Winter, M; Chadwick, P; Crummy, N; Benfield, S; Austin, C; Gooch, A; Hurrel, B; Letch, A; Lomas, P; Mabbit, J; Peters, J; Rayner, N; Shimmin, D; Wade, A; Webber, N.)

Date report completed: 31/05/1998
Location: Colchester town centre, Essex
Map reference(s):
File size: 6 kb
Project type: Other, Excavation
Significance of the results: * *
Keywords: Mosaic pavement, Roman building, Boudican destruction, Roman pit, Roman street, medieval pit, small finds, pottery, Roman wall-plaster, animal bone, building materials, Roman, pit, medieval

Summary. This is the archive report on an archaeological evaluation conducted inside the Co-Operative Store, Long Wyre Street, Colchester. The evaluation consisted of five 2 x 2.5 metre, hand-dug trenches, all of which produced archaeological deposits of varying depths (predominantly Roman). The evaluation was commissioned by the Co-Operative via Stanley Bragg Architects, and was carried out by Colchester Archaeological Trust in December 1997. All archaeological work was carried out according to a brief written by the Archaeological Officer of Colchester Borough Council (Winter 1997). The aim of the evaluation, in advance of proposed redevelopment which would involve lowering the floor slab and excavating pile caps, was to determine the survival, depth, extent, condition and importance of all significant archaeological deposits. A preliminary report has already been produced on the results of the evaluation. It was produced with the specific aim of assessing the impact of the design proposals on the archaeological record, and should be read in conjunction with this report.See Report 44.