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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 25: summary

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An archaeological evaluation at St Peter's House, St Peter's Street, Colchester, in 1998
by Benfield, S
(with contributions from Bojko, A; Wade, A)

Date report completed: 31/10/1998
Location: Colchester town centre, Essex
Map reference(s):
File size: 10088 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: Post-medieval, Roman road, animal bone, water-logged, Roman timber

Summary. This report is an account of an archaeological evaluation carried out in October 1998 at St Peter's House, Colchester. The investigation involved machine-dug trenches as specified in a brief prepared by Martin Winter of Colchester Museums. The work was commissioned and funded by Jaygate Homes. During the evaluation, features of the post-medieval and Roman periods were recorded. All site levels below about 1.0m are generally wet, and between this level and 1.5m become water-logged. It is therefore likely that any deposits below 1.0m may contain preserved organic remains, and by 1.5m down are almost certain to do so.