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CAT Report 33: summary

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Survey of Virley church, Salcott-cum-Virley, Essex
by Andrews, D
(with contributions from Cott, P)

Date report completed: 31/05/1999
Location: Salcott-cum-Virley, Essex
Map reference(s):
File size: 62 kb
Project type: Geophysical survey, building survey
Significance of the results: Neg
Keywords: Church

Summary. The remains of the church were cleared of vegetation in March 1999. Loose collapsed building materials were collected in relation to their findspots. A ground plan and a photographic record (black and white and colour) were made of the standing remains. Although all the elevations were photographed, resources were limited so that it was only possible to make scaled prints of the external faces. These are at 1:20. Some of the photographs of the internal faces have been joined together, although in no case is the fit exact. The scaled photographs are those that include targets and a single horizontal line indicating the horizontal. A resistivity survey was carried out by Peter Cott to try and locate the west wall of the chancel. However it appears that there is too much buried rubble to produce meaningful results. David Andrews provided a written account of the standing remains. The project was undertaken out by the Colchester Archaeological Trust with David Andrews (Essex County Council) and Nigel Oxley (Colchester Borough Council) for the owners, Mr and Mrs Carbutt. The work on site was carried out by Nigel Rayner, Alec Wade, Philip Lomas, and Alison Colchester. The archive has been deposited with the Colchester Museum. This consists of a copy of this report, a set of colour prints, and all the negatives (black and white and colour).