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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 191: summary

An archaeological watching brief on cable trenches at the putting green and outside Hollytrees Museum, Upper Castle Park and outside the Natural History Museum, Colchester, Essex: May 2002
by Orr, K

Date report completed: 30/08/2002
Location: Colchester town centre, Essex
Map reference(s):
File size: ?? kb
Project type: Watching brief (negative)
Significance of the results: Neg
Keywords: Scheduled Ancient Monument, Colchester castle, Roman pottery, ceramic building materials

Summary. An archaeological watching brief was carried out on two areas of cable trenching in Upper Castle Park: the putting green and Hollytrees Museum. Residual Roman pottery and tile were recorded but no features of archaeological significance were observed, and it is thought that the trenches were not dug deep enough to impact archaeological deposits. A length of cable trenching was also monitored outside the Natural History Museum opposite Castle Park, but this was only 200mm deep and only modern deposits were observed.