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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 272: summary

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An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area O of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex: May 2004
by Holloway, B
(with contributions from Benfield, S)

Date report completed: 06/06/2004
Location: Garrison, Colchester, Essex
Map reference(s): TL99532389, TL99532389, TL99272368, TL99532389
File size: 1620 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results: * *
Keywords: Roman pottery, animal bone, Roman ditch

Summary. This is the archive report on an archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area O of the planned urban village at the Garrison, Colchester, Essex. This work was carried out as part of a programme of archaeological evaluation of areas of alienated land, acquired by Taylor Woodrow for residential development. A single 1.8m x 50m trial-trench (Trench O1) was excavated, within which two archaeological and one natural feature were recorded. The archaeological features comprise two linear features probably representing a boundary ditch which had been recut at a later date. The earlier of the two ditches contained two sherds of Roman pottery and a number of horse teeth. Both of the archaeological features cut a natural feature, the size and profile of which suggests that it is a tree bowl. Undated hillwash deposits associated with the dry valley followed by Circular Road South were recorded at the northern end of the trench.