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CAT Report 303: summary

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An archaeological evaluation and mitigation strategy for land at Bradwell-on-Sea and Tillingham Marshes, Essex (with CAT Report 275)
by Orr, K

Date report completed: 12/12/2004
Location: Bradwell-on-Sea and Tillingham Marshes, Essex ???
Map reference(s): TM022052, TM00200640
File size: 63 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results: Neg

Summary. This is a summary of an archaeological desk-based assessment of a site at Bradwell-on-Sea. The desk-based assessment was commissioned by NPower Renewables Ltd who are part of the RWE Group. It will form part of an Environmental Impact Assessment being prepared for a proposed on-shore wind farm. The aim of the assessment is to locate, identify and assess the importance of the known and potential archaeological resources of the application site and to assess the impact of the development on these remains. This will help the local planning authority formulate strategies for the mitigation of the impact of the development on the archaeology and determine what further work needs to take place. The full archaeological desk-based assessment will be a collation of existing written, graphic and photographic information pertaining to the archaeological resources of the application site. The 1150-hectare site is centred on National Grid Reference TM 022 052 and mainly occupies reclaimed coastal marshland, within the parishes of Bradwell-on-Sea and Tillingham. It is a flat, remote area, largely under arable cultivation. The study area includes standing monuments, buildings, excavated and evaluated archaeological sites, chance discoveries of archaeological material, archaeological sites known from documentary sources, and cropmark sites.