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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 318: summary

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An archaeological evaluation, watching brief and limited excavation at 15 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex: September 2004-September 2005
by Orr, K
(with contributions from Benfield, S; Brooks, H; Crummy, N; Winter, M.)

Date report completed: 03/03/2006
Location: Lexden, Essex
Map reference(s): TL98552483
File size: 1131 kb
Project type: Watching brief
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: Roman burial, Roman inhumation, cremation, Roman pottery, inhumation, human bone, ceramic building materials, small finds, coins, animal bone, bustum

Summary. Two evaluation trenches were excavated at 15 West Lodge Road in September 2004, prior to the demolition of the property. Post-Roman topsoil or 'dark earth' sealed archaeological deposits which were encountered at a depth of 950mm to 1.1 m below the modern ground-level. Two intact Roman urned cremation burials were discovered, one in each trench. Uncremated, probably human bone was recorded in two pits which may represent inhumation burials. Contrary to expectation, there was no evidence for the backfilled excavation trenches of the Victorian antiquarian John Taylor. A watching brief and limited excavation were subsequently carried out during groundworks for the new properties, from December 2004 to September 2005. Four or five further cremation burials were recorded plus a burnt feature (perhaps a bustum) and a spread of Roman tile, septaria and pottery. These features were encountered between 670mm and 1.2m below ground-level. The investigation confirmed that the site is located well within the Roman cemetery area and was in use from the 1st or early 2nd century to the late 3rd or 4th century.