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CAT Report 343: summary

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An archaeological evaluation and subsequent watching brief at the Chelmsford park and ride site, A414 Maldon Road, Sandon, Essex: September -November 2005
by Holloway, B

Date report completed: 12/12/2005
Location: Sandon, Essex
Map reference(s): TL746056
File size: 1133 kb
Project type: Evaluation, Watching brief
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: Bronze Age, Iron Age, prehistoric field ditches, cremation, human bone, prehistoric burial, prehistoric pottery, lithics, flint

Summary. Seventeen evaluation trenches were excavated at the Chelmsford park and ride site, Maldon Road, Sandon, Essex. The significant archaeological features consisted of Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age pits, post-/stake holes and ditches, concentrated in the northern part of the evaluation area. In addition to the pits and ditches, there was a single unurned and undated cremation burial in the north-east corner of the site (adjacent contexts suggest that this is also likely to be Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age in date). Subsequent monitoring of groundworks during building produced similar settlement evidence.