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CAT Report 345: summary

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A Roman temple-tomb at Colchester Royal Grammar School, 6 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex: August-September 2005
by Brooks, H
(with contributions from Benfield, S; Boghi, F; Crummy, N; Curl, J)

Date report completed: 07/07/2006
Location: Lexden, Colchester, Essex
Map reference(s): TL98752480
File size: 5235 kb
Project type: Watching brief
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: temple, cremation, Roman burial, human bone, personal ornaments, metalled surface, Roman pottery, small finds, Roman glass, animal bone, Roman building, robber trench, mausoleum

Summary. A Roman temple-tomb was constructed in the 3rd century AD at the crossroads of two major routes into Roman Colchester, in an area where Roman cemeteries, monumental tombstones and pyre sites are known from previous investigations. Prior to the construction of the temple-tomb, a major ditch crossed the site in the 1st century AD, after which the site was used for the cremation of human remains in the 2nd century AD.