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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 464: summary

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St Andrew's Church, Parsonage Lane, Barnston, Essex
by Ben Holloway

Date report completed: 17 March 2008
Location: Barnston
Map reference(s): TL652197 (C)
File size: 95 kb
Project type: Watching brief
Significance of the results: Negative
Keywords: Post-medieval, modern

Summary. Observations were made during a single visit to the site, during the excavation of a pit for a new septic tank and an associated pipe run. Both the pipe run and the tank pit were excavated through modern topsoil (L1), then through an accumulation layer (L2) into natural geological clay deposits (L3). Excavation continued to a formation level of 700mm below ground-level for the pipe run and 2.3m for the tank pit. No archaeological features were observed during the excavation of the pipe trench. However, a single inhumation burial was recorded and lifted from the tank pit. The remains were transferred to the Churchwarden for reburial on completion of the project.