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CAT Report 492: summary

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Archaeological monitoring on land at Chapel Farm, Baker Street, Orsett, Essex: October 2008
by Ben Holloway

Date report completed: November 2008
Location: Chapel Farm, Baker Street, Orsett, Essex
Map reference(s): TQ 56335 18110
File size: 493 kb
Project type: Monitoring
Significance of the results: neg

Summary. The monitoring work involved the stripping of an area 15 x 21m for the foundation base of a proposed stable block and the 42 x 2.5m access and service road. The open area was reduced to a depth of 200mm, by removing the topsoil and a slightly silty accumulation deposit. Natural geological levels were not encountered across the majority of the site, although glacial sands and gravels were noted as patchy deposits across the stripped area. No archaeological features were observed in the stripping of the area or of the access and service road. Plough scars were apparent across the site, and, as a result of some discussion with the landowner, it became apparent that the field in which the site is located had been ploughed in the recent past. No archaeologically significant finds were found, although modern pottery and modern agricultural ironwork was recovered from the topsoil.