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CAT Report 524: summary

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Archaeological evaluation and monitoring at 2 Chequers Lane, Great Dunmow, Essex: May-June 2009 and April 2010
by Howard Brooks and Ben Holloway

Date report completed: June 2010
Location: 2 Chequers Lane, Great Dunmow, Essex
Map reference(s): TL62472194
File size: 563 kb
Project type: Evaluation/Monitoring
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: Roman pits, medieval cob wall, post-medieval pits, post-medieval brick structure

Summary. This site is located in the centre of modern Great Dunmow, and also on the northern edge of the Roman small town. The project took place in three phases: an evaluation in May 2009; a first phase of monitoring (footings) in June 2009, and a second phase of monitoring (services) in April 2010.

An evaluation by seven trial-trenches uncovered twenty archaeological features, mainly of medieval and later date and probably associated with the properties fronting onto Stortford Road. There were also several patches of gravel. Subsequent to the evaluation, first phase monitoring of footings revealed a further twenty-eight features (mostly of post-medieval date, although there were also Roman pits and further areas of gravel). Second phase monitoring of service trenches exposed a single large pit (post-medieval or modern), and several areas of natural gravel.