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CAT Report 542: summary

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Report on an archaeological evaluation by metal detecting survey and trial trenching: proposed reservoir site, Stratton Hall, Levington, Suffolk: February 2010
by Ben Holloway and Howard Brooks

Date report completed: April 2010
Location: Stratton Hall, Levington, Suffolk
Map reference(s): TM244385
File size: 2323 kb
Project type: metal detecting survey and trial trenching
Significance of the results:

Summary. A two-part archaeological evaluation was carried out in February 2010 in advance of the construction of an agricultural reservoir on a 2.5ha site at Stratton Hall, Levington, Suffolk.

A metal-detecting survey produced a single find - a small lead musket ball, probably from a fowling gun.

An evaluation by 21 trial trenches (combined length 694m) gave a 5% coverage of the site. Fifteen features were revealed. Three of these were of modern date, and twelve were undated. Although the undated features are presumed to be of postmedieval or modern date, the presence of prehistoric cropmarks on higher ground to the north of this site means some of them may be of prehistoric origin. Five of the (undated) features were ‘natural’, either pits, linears, or tree-throw pits. Whether human agency was involved in the creation of the tree-throw pits is unclear, but charcoal in their fills may indicate that this was so.

Sampling of an undated organic alluvial deposit in trenches in the south-eastern corner of the site showed that the deposit had formed naturally, probably as a result of one or more closely-associated flood events.