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CAT Report 547: summary

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Report on archaeological fieldwalking and metal-detecting survey on land adjacent to Breck Farm, Stody, Norfolk: April 2010
by Howard Brooks and Ben Holloway
(with contributions from Emma Spurgeon and Adam Wightman)

Date report completed: April 2010
Location: Breck Farm, Stody, Norfolk
Map reference(s): TG07433378
File size: 2185 kb
Project type: fieldwalking and metal-detecting survey
Significance of the results:

Summary. An archaeological survey by fieldwalking and metal-detecting on a 9.63 ha site at Breck Farm, Stody, recovered very few finds (none of them in significant clusters).

The fieldwalking survey recovered three post-medieval pottery sherds, a prehistoric struck flint, and seven brick or tile fragments.

The metal-detecting survey recovered thirty-nine items of metalwork. The only significant piece being a World War II, American copper-alloy cap badge. Most of the metal-detecting finds were iron objects (probably fragments of agricultural equipment) or horseshoe fragments. They probably date to the 18th-20th centuries.