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CAT Report 561: summary

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Archaeological monitoring and excavation at Rands, Rands Road, High Roding, Essex: July 2010
by Adam Wightman

Date report completed: August 2010
Location: Rands, Rands Road, High Roding, Essex
Map reference(s): TL 6078 1757
File size: 1,275 kb
Project type: Archaeological monitoring and excavation
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: medieval, moat

Summary. No archaeological features were exposed in the strip. However, there were numerous finds. Activity in the area during the modern and post-medieval periods is evident from the finds(especially the flowerpot/stoneware and post-medieval red earthenware). However, the worked flints indicate activity in the prehistoric period, and the medieval pottery indicates that there has been a phase of activity on this site pre-dating the earliest phase of Travetts House (15th century). This may indicate a site older than the buildings which now occupy it. The small size and abraded nature of the pot sherds, combined with the absence of features, could indicate the land has been consistently used for agriculture, with the pottery fragments entering the soil through manure spreading. Similarly, the absence of stratification may also be the result of cultivation.