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CAT Report 658: summary

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Archaeological monitoring (watching brief) at Blue Anchor Lane, West Tilbury, Essex: July 2012
by Ben Holloway
(with contributions from -)

Date report completed: July 2012
Location: Blue Anchor Lane, West Tilbury, Essex
Map reference(s): TQ 6694 7863 (c)
File size: kb
Project type: Archaeological monitoring (watching brief)
Significance of the results: negative
Keywords: modern

Summary. An archaeological watching brief was carried out in July 2012, in accordance with a brief issued by an Essex County Council Heritage Environment Management (HEM) team officer. Observations were made during the excavation of foundation groundworks for a new house and garage. Modern topsoil (L1) had been all but removed by the initial site clearance, although it was observed at the edge of the development site measuring approximately 100mm in thickness. This material sealed a relatively thin accumulation horizon (L2), 100-150mm in thickness. L2 sealed deposits of natural gravels and sand (L3). This material appears to be part of a geological formation known as the Lower Bagshot Beds. The foundations measured 500mm in width and were observed to an excavated depth of between 1.0m and 1.1m. No significant archaeological material or features were identified during the monitoring work at the site. Modern material was observed as surface finds and included brick and tile fragments associated with the recently demolished building on the site, and fragments of coal remaining from its former use as a coal yard. None of this material was retained.