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CAT Report 670: summary

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Archaeological monitoring at The Stockwell, 18 West Stockwell Street, Colchester, Essex, July-August 2012
by A Wightman

Date report completed: August 2013
Location: Colchester
Map reference(s): TL 6101 2542
File size: 4710 kb
Project type: Archaeological monitoring
Significance of the results: ***
Keywords: Roman street, Roman finds, medieval or post-medieval well, beaten clay floor, hearth, post-medieval/modern pits, tawyers yard

Summary. An archaeological watching brief took place at The Stockwell, 18 West Stockwell Street, Colchester during the renovation of the late 15th-century building and the construction of a new extension to the rear. During the reduction of the floor level inside the historic building, the remains of a beaten clay floor and a possible medieval hearth were recorded. A significant assemblage of 15th-century Colchester-ware pottery was also recovered from a deposit in the centre of the medieval hall. The remains of a north-south-orientated Roman Street and a medieval/post-medieval well were uncovered in the area of the new extension. The well had been backfilled with a large quantity of modern/post-medieval pottery and bone. The bone assemblage from the well and from two pits in close proximity to the well contained a disproportionately high number of sheep metapodials which indicates that a tawyer or possibly a fellmonger operated in this area.