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CAT Report 735: summary

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Building recording at Home Farm, Moor Place, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire: October 2013
by Chris Lister
(with contributions from -)

Date report completed: January 2015
Location: Home Farm, Moor Place, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire:
Map reference(s): TL 542256 218772 (c)
File size: 32,058 kb
Project type: Building recording
Significance of the results:
Keywords: historic farm complex

Summary. A programme of building recording was carried out by the Colchester Archaeological Trust on a complex of 22 buildings at Home Farm, Moor Place, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire in October 2013. The complex incorporates structures of varying date and significance, including a barn dating to the 17th century with components deriving from an earlier medieval house on the estate; a Grade II * listed stable block with associated structures, a laundry (later used as the estate offices and gardener’s stores) and a granary/cow house, all dating to the 18th century; an early example of a squash court dating to the late 19th century and various cottages and agricultural structures dating to the 19th and 20th centuries. The buildings at Home Farm form an excellent example of the evolution of an estate farm, providing upstanding evidence from at least the 16th century (in the form of the Tudor estate house incorporated into the threshing barn) through each following century and into the 20th century. As well as having architectural merit, these buildings are also of value to the social historian as they have preserved aspects of life in previous centuries.