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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 792: summary

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Archaeological investigation by fieldwalking and geophysical survey at Gosbecks Business Park, Gosbecks Road, Colchester, Essex: September 2014
by Mark Baister, Dr Tim Dennis
(with contributions from -)

Date report completed: November 2014
Location: Gosbecks Business Park, Gosbecks Road, Colchester, Essex
Map reference(s): TL 97489 22624
File size: 2,896 kb
Project type: fieldwalking and geophysical survey
Significance of the results: negative
Keywords: anomalies

Summary. In advance of a proposed development, an evaluation by geophysical survey and fieldwalking was carried out on land to the west and south-west of Gosbecks Business Park, Colchester. The fieldwalking survey was carried out on the ploughed field to the south of Cunobelin Way (5.36ha). Finds were generally quite sparse, with the vast majority being of a post-medieval date (peg tile, clay pipe and pottery). The only earlier finds were one sherd of Roman pot, one sherd of medieval pot, one fragment of a lava quernstone, and 6 worked flints (of a mostly Neolithic date). The geophysical survey was carried out by Dr Tim Dennis on two fields to the north and south of Cunobelin Way (total of 3.42ha). This survey located very few anomalies.