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CAT Report 808: summary

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An archaeological evaluation by test-pits in the Sheepen Road car park, Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex: December 2014
by Howard Brooks
(with contributions from -)

Date report completed: January 2015
Location: Sheepen Road car park, Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex
Map reference(s): TL 99119 25515
File size: 671 kb
Project type: Archaeological evaluation by test-pits
Significance of the results: neg
Keywords: made ground

Summary. Three test-pits were excavated in the Sheepen Road car park to test the depth of modern overburden and to identify the highest significant archaeological horizons. The test-pits showed that there is between 2.0 and 2.5m of recent ‘made ground’ here (ie, no earlier than 19th century). This consists of an upper modern band of tarmac, concrete and ‘hogging’, from modern ground level to 0.4m below modern ground level (bgl). Below that, there are two layers of dumped soil. The upper (1.0m-1.2m thick) contains lumps of concrete and is of 20th-century date. The lower (0.6m-0.9m thick) contains 19th-century finds. There were no significant finds or features.