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CAT Report 957: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at Anglian Place, Burton End, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 9DQ: May 2016
by Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Chris Lister, Emma Holloway)

Date report completed: May 2016
Location: Anglian Place, Burton End, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 9DQ
Map reference(s): TL 660 451
File size: kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:

Summary. Archaeological evaluation took place at Anglian Place, Burton End, Haverhill, Suffolk in advance of the construction of a new block of flats with associated infrastructure. The development site was located in an area of Iron Age and Roman ditches, enclosures and roundhouses, with medieval and post-medieval occupation nearby. Modern accumulation layers were identified to a depth of 0.6-1.2m below current ground level, with natural identified at 1-1.73m bcgl. The modern accumulation was probably associated with previous phases of development at Anglian Place and the construction of the Victorian water works and pumping station which previously occupied the site. No significant archaeological horizons were identified.