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CAT Report 1010: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at Hutton Parish Hall, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Essex, CM13 1LY: September 2016
by Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Ben Holloway, Emma Holloway)

Date report completed: September 2016
Location: Hutton Parish Hall, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Essex, CM13 1LY
Map reference(s): TQ 628 952
File size: kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:

Summary. An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching was carried out on the site of the demolished Hutton Parish Hall, Rayleigh Road, Hutton in advance of the construction of six new dwellings. Despite being located within the later medieval settlement of Hutton no significant archaeological horizons were identified. Four modern postholes and the remains of two grubbed out walls were associated with the demolished parish hall. However, thirteen sherds of Bronze Age/Early Iron Age and late prehistoric/early Roman pottery were recorded within the subsoil with a small fragment of lava quernstone.