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CAT Report 1267: summary

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Archaeological monitoring at The Mill, Fingringhoe Road, Fingringhoe, Essex, CO5 7FD May 2018
by Adam Tuffey

Date report completed: May 2018
Location: The Mill, Fingringhoe Road, Fingringhoe, Essex, CO5 7FD
Map reference(s): TM 0298 2060
File size: 17,191 kb
Project type: Monitoring and recording
Significance of the results: -

Summary. Archaeological monitoring was carried out at The Mill, Fingringhoe Road, Fingringhoe, Essex during the construction of an extension for an outbuilding. The site forms part of the complex of Fingringhoe tidal mill with origins going back to at at least 1531, but possibly as early as c 1400. Records show the mill was rebuilt in the 18th century. The surrounding landscape is also highlighted as having the potential for multi-period remains, including potential for a Roman and prehistoric settlements. However, no significant archaeological remains were discovered.