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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 1283: summary

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The Triple Dyke: Archaeological monitoring at 78 Straight Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 9DB: May 2018
by Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Sarah Carter)

Date report completed: June 2018
Location: 78 Straight Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 9DB
Map reference(s): TL 9647 2477
File size: kb
Project type: Monitoring
Significance of the results:

Summary. Archaeological monitoring was undertaken at 78 Straight Road, Colchester, Essex during groundworks for the construction of a new residential dwelling. Archaeological evaluation in March 2018 had established that the central ditch of the Roman earthwork known as the Triple Dyke did pass through the development site. Observations made during monitoring revealed that the central ditch measured 5.4m across. It was recorded for a depth of 1.4m, but excavation ceased before the base of the ditch could be revealed as the sides of the trenches were becoming unstable. There were no archaeological finds.