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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 1374: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at Wakes Hall, Colchester Road, Wakes Colne, Essex, CO6 2DB: January 2019
by Dr Elliott Hicks
(with contributions from Chris Lister, Ben Holloway, Emma Holloway)

Date report completed: June 2019
Location: Wakes Hall, Colchester Road, Wakes Colne, Essex, CO6 2DB
Map reference(s): TL 8857 2883
File size: kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:

Summary. An archaeological evaluation (three trial-trenches) was undertaken at Wakes Hall, Colchester Road, Wakes Colne, Essex in advance of the part-demolition and extension of an existing building, its conversion into twelve dwellings, and the construction of a further ten dwellings. Two modern foundations which probably form part of building remains from a camp associated with a Second World War ammunition dump at Wakes Colne were uncovered, along with a ditch of uncertain date. The camp probably supplied troops manning the pillboxes and defences around Chappel Viaduct immediately to the east, part of the Eastern Command Line and was reportedly converted to house displaced persons after the war.