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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 1563: summary

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Historic building recording of an outbuilding to the rear of 47-51 Newland Street, Witham, Essex, CM8 2BD: June 2020
by Mark Baister

Date report completed: June 2020
Location: 47-51 Newland Street, Witham, Essex, CM8 2BD
Map reference(s): TL 82162 14476 (centre)
File size: kb
Project type: Historic Building Recording
Significance of the results:

Summary. Archaeological Trust on an outbuilding to the rear of 47-51 Newland Street, Witham, Essex in June 2020.

The outbuilding is a single-storey gabled structure and is timber-framed with later brick-built additions. Aside from the bracing members, most of the structural timbers within the outbuilding are hand-sawn and show evidence of re-use, suggesting the structure was raised from the remains of an earlier building or buildings. The outbuilding was converted into a function room for the Spread Eagle hotel in the 20th century by the addition of an extension on its western end, and the infilling of several bay-wide entrances into the structure. Given the size of these original entrances, which were probably for the egress of horses or carts, and the location of the outbuilding behind the hotel, an original interpretation of the structure as a cart lodge or stable seems logical.

Alternatively, there is the possibility that the outbuilding was originally a horse hospital, as one is mentioned in deeds from the early 19th century as being extant in the yard behind the Spread Eagle hotel.