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CAT Report 1615: summary

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Historic building recording of The Forge, The Street, Bradwell, Essex, CM77 8EG
by Mark Baister

Date report completed: October 2020
Location: The Forge, The Street, Bradwell, Essex, Cm77 8EG
Map reference(s): TL 80575 23063
File size: kb
Project type: Historic building recording
Significance of the results:

Summary. A programme of historic building recording was carried out by Colchester Archaeological Trust at The Forge, The Street, Bradwell, Essex in October 2020. The building is a late 19th-century single-storey brick-built structure which would have originally been divided into two rooms. Surviving on the north-eastern wall is a forge, almost entirely intact and with ash and debris from its last firing. Also within the building are two hardwood tables that are probably original to the structure. An original window with shutters survives on the north-western elevation which has had iron straps added on the interior for increased security.