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CAT Report 1616: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at Harrow Green, Lawshall, Suffolk, IP29 4PW: November 2020
by Mark Baister
(with contributions from Laura Pooley, Sarah Carter)

Date report completed: November 2020
Location: Harrow Green, Lawshall, Suffolk, IP29 4PW
Map reference(s): TL 85820 54688
File size: kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:

Summary. An archaeological evaluation consisting of eight trial-trenches was carried out at Harrow Green, Lawshall, Suffolk in advance of the construction of five new dwellings and associated infrastructure. Eleven features three possible pits, one linear and seven natural features were recorded. Although the possible pits and linear were more regular in shape than the natural features, all the features contained the same fill; a medium brown clayey silt with occasional chalk inclusions. This fill is identical to the subsoil on the site, which, combined with the lack of finds recovered, suggests all the features are natural in origin.