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CAT Report 1659: summary

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Archaeological evaluation on land at Maldon Wycke, Spital Road, Maldon, CM9 6SQ: April 2021
by Sarah Veasey

Date report completed: 09/06/2021
Location: Maldon Wycke, Spital Road, Maldon, CM9 6SQ
Map reference(s): TL 84004 06109 (centre)
File size: 6426 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Maldon Wycke

Summary. An archaeological evaluation of three trenches was carried out on land at Maldon Wycke, Spital Road, Maldon, Essex, in advance of the construction of three new dwellings. The site was located to the southeast of the historic town of Maldon and within a farmstead that has origins in the medieval period. Despite the sites location only two pits were recorded, one medieval/postmedieval in date and one 18th-19th century in date.