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CAT Report 1668: summary

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Archaeological excavation on land northwest of Springwood, Rectory Lane, Latchingdon, Essex, CM3 6HB: April 2021
by Dr Elliott Hicks and Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Dr Matthew Loughton and Alec Wade)

Date report completed: 08.07.2021
Location: Springwood, Rectory Lane, Latchingdon, Essex, CM3 6HB
Map reference(s): TQ 88729 99938 (centre)
File size: 7043 kb
Project type: Excavation
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Rectory Lane Latchingdon

Summary. An excavation was carried out on land northwest of Springwood, Rectory Lane, Latchingdon, Essex in advance of the construction of a residential development. Located close to the Snoreham Hall complex, site of a now-demolished church and deserted medieval village, and a possible medieval moated site, evaluation in January 2021 revealed considerable remains dating to the medieval period.

Excavation revealed a series of medieval ditches and pits probably located on the periphery of a settlement. The finds assemblage was relatively small and fragmentary but did include a range of medieval and post-medieval pottery along with small amounts of ceramic building material, animal bone and evidence for blacksmithing activities. Dating evidence ranged from the later 12th into the 16th century, indicating that at least some activity into the early postmedieval period.