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CAT Report 1686: summary

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Historic building recording at Crowbridge Farm, Chappel Hill, Halstead, CO9 1JS June 2021
by Sarah Veasey
(with contributions from N/A)

Date report completed: July 2021
Location: Crowbridge Farm, Chappel Hill, Halstead, CO9 1JS
Map reference(s): TL 80533 30698 (c)
File size: 44023 kb
Project type: Historic building recording
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Crowbridge Farm, Chappel Hill, Halstead,

Summary. A programme of historic building recording was carried out by Colchester Archaeological Trust on a threshing-barn at Crowbridge Farm, Chappel Hill, Halstead in June 2021. The threshing barn is Grade II listed and dates to the late 18th century. It is excellent example of 18th-century timber-framed barn, it has been well-constructed by a professional carpenter. The vast majority of the timber-frame consists of original handsawn timbers, with minimal areas of modern repair. The barn exists very much as the listing states with the exception of the thatch roof this has been replaced with corrugated metal sheeting.