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CAT Report 1695: summary

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Historic building recording of Foley House,115 High Garrett, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5NU: March 2021
by Mark Baister

Date report completed: 04/08/2021
Location: Foley House,115 High Garrett, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5NU
Map reference(s): TL 77626 27165 (centre)
File size: 11297 kb
Project type: Historic Building Recording
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Foley House Braintree

Summary. A programme of historic building recording was carried out by Colchester Archaeological Trust at Foley House, High Garrett, Essex in May 2021.

Although there is a building named ‘Folly House’ in this location on the 1838-39 tithe map, the building currently on the site was constructed in the later 19th century(probably between 1860-1876) as an early example of an ‘Arts and Crafts’ house, reusing the earlier buildings name. Funded by the prominent local Courtuald family, the building is an extensive three-storey brick-built mansion with multiple features typical of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ style, including hanging tiles, imitation timber-framing, and frontfacing gables. A western-wing, since largely demolished, was added to the building in 1885 and a further, still standing, three-storey western range was added to the building between 1893-1896.

In the 20th century the building underwent intensive internal and external alterations, and was, in relatively short succession, used as a children’s home, a hotel, and a care home for the elderly. As a result, the internal layout of the building, particularly on the first-floor, has been heavily altered, but some semblance of the building’s original plan form can still be determined.