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CAT Report 1758: summary

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Geoarchaeological investigations at Jaywick Market, Brooklands, Jaywick, Essex, CO15 2JE:August 2021
by Sarah Veasey

Date report completed: December 2021
Location: Jaywick Market, Brooklands, Jaywick, Essex, CO15 2JE
Map reference(s): TM 14649 12870 (centre)
File size: 4081 kb
Project type: Geoarchaeological investigations
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Jaywick

Summary. Geoarchaeological investigations were carried out at Jaywick Market, Brooklands, Jaywick,Essex in advance of several market improvement plans. The site is within a mapped area of the Clacton Channel Deposits associated with the foreshore in an area in which many Clactonian artefacts have been found. No Pleistocene deposits were identified, only Holocene marine clay and London Clay bedrock.