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Colchester Archaeological Trust

EAS Report 1: summary

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Volume 23, 1992: Two recently-discovered Roman buildings in Colchester
by Stephen Benfield, Simon Garrod

Date report completed: 1992
Location: Colchester
Map reference(s):
File size: 4684 kb
Project type: Excavation
Significance of the results: **
Keywords: Roman, East Stockwell Street, St John's Street

Summary. Early Roman occupation was observed in section beneath excavated levels, principally a wall of early colonial date. Over this, in the mid 2nd century the levels of the site were raised to match that of the southern end of the insula creating a level platform for a large public building of uncertain purpose. In the late 12th to early 13th century the foundations of this building were extensively robbed. The area of the site was terraced in the 17th century removing the floor levels of the Roman building over the northern half of the site and post-Roman occupation over the southern area.