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EAS Report 13: summary

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Volume 7, 1975: Medieval Potteries at Mile End and Great Horkesley, Near Colchester
by P.J. Drury and M.R. Petchey
(with contributions from S. Cracknell and Dr. G. C. Dunning)

Date report completed: 1975
Location: Mile End and Great Horkesley, Colchester
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File size: 1,274 kb
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Significance of the results:
Keywords: Mile End, Great Horkesley, Excavation, Pottery.

Summary. The excavation, during roadworks, of features connected with a medieval pottery at Mile End is described, and its products, of late twelfth- thirteenth century date, are discussed. A derivation from Thetford ware forms is postulaed for some forms represented in the earlier groups. Fourteenth- century wasters, found during pipelaying at a nearby site at Great Horkesley, are also described.