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EAS Report 20: summary

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Volume 13, 1981: A 'Belgic' Cremation Burial Found at West Mersea.
by Isobel Thompson

Date report completed: 1981
Location: West Mersea, Colchester
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File size: 211 kb
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Keywords: cremation, burial, West Mersea

Summary. The burial, comprising four pottery vessels and a small amount of cremated bone, was found in 1979 by Mr. Stutter, of 42 Fairhaven Avenue, West Mersea, when digging a trench for the building of a new garage in his garden. The pots and bone were collected and taken to Colchester and Essex Museum by Mr. Stutter, who described them as being placed together in cavity in the earth. P. R. Sealey of the Museum staff visited the site and collected some further sherds; he subsequently drew my attention to the burial and invited me to submit a note on the finds. The special interest of this burial, the first of its kind to be found in the area, will be discussed in the full report.