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Colchester Archaeological Trust

MAG Report 14: summary

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The Colchester Archaeologist 2001
by Marion Archibald, Mike Corbishley, Carl Crossan, Philip Crummy, James Fawn, Tom Hodgson, Andrew Philips

Date report completed: 2001
Map reference(s):
File size: 5811 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: samian, cremation, cemetery, head street, high street, coin hoard, colchester castle, hollytrees museum, abbotstone, charles gray esq, post office, nursery ryhmes

Summary. Articles:- Notes and News, 2000 small projects, Top of the range samian pottery, Cremation cemetery under a sports field, Victorian post office, Roman Colchester uncovered at Head Street, Exporing the High Street, Pots of silver coins discovered, The 1969 coin hoard, Virtual Tour of Colchester Castle, Hollytrees Museum, The nursery rhymes of Colchester, Return to the farmstead at Abbotstone, Major study of post-Roman pottery, Charles Gray Esq. biography, Coastal survey, The Friends of the Trust, Archaeology for young people, The Head Street post office excavation.