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MAG Report 18: summary

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The Colchester Archaeologist 2005
by Howard Brooks, Carl Crossan, Philip Crummy, Nina Crummy, James Fawn, Tom Hodgson, Kate Orr, Peter E Thompson, Philip J Wise
(with contributions from Taylor Woodrow)

Date report completed: 2005
Map reference(s):
File size: 46165 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: roman, circus, chariot, coin, circus maximus, charioteers, abbeyfield, railway, william wire, st botolph, st helena, beeleigh abbey, ben hur

Summary. Articles:- Roman circus, Chariot finds, Bronze circus coin, The racing chariot, Circus cup, A day at the Circus Maximus, Professional Charioteers, A first-hand account of a race in the 5th century, Roman burials at the garrison, Abbeyfield -a modern community in the making, The railway comes to Colchester, William Wire: an unusual railway buff, St Botolph's Quarter development, Butchers in St Botolph’s Street, Digging at the site of the new arts centre, St Helena and Colchester’s Creation Myth, Beeleigh Abbey Excavation, News and Notes, Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, Where Ben Hur went wrong.