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Colchester Archaeological Trust

MAG Report 20: summary

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The Colchester Archaeologist 2007
by Stephen Brenfield, Howard Brooks, Philip Crummy, Nina Crummy, David Grocott, Peter Herring, Ben Holloway, Jane Meech, Kate Orr, Don Shimmin

Date report completed: 2007
Map reference(s):
File size: 6371 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: circus, chariot, mosaic, cemeteries, grave goods, head gate, mercury theatre, grey friars, crossed friars, dykes, camulodunum

Summary. Articles:- Circus update, Giant Roman chariot racing mosaic is completed!, The cemeteries of Roman Colchester, Grave goods : Make up, Two arches or one: did the Roman Head Gate have more than one entrance?, Monumental structures near the Temple of Claudius, Remains of Roman houses near the Mercury Theatre, The lost church of the Crossed Friars, The lost friary of the Grey Friars, Investigations in three village churches, 3,000 year old remains under Chelmsford park-and-ride, The dykes of Camulodunom, Friends of the Colchester Archaeological Trust.