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Colchester Archaeological Trust

MISCAT Report 01: summary

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In Search of Colchester's Past
by Philip Crummy

Date report completed: 1984
Location: Colchester
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File size: 7196 kb
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Significance of the results: -
Keywords: Colchester, excavations, history, archaeology, Lion walk, Balkerne Lane

Summary. In Search of Colchester's Past describes the major archaeological discoveries in one of Britain's most important historic towns. Beginning in the 18th century, the reader is taken through the fascinating sequence of excavations and finds culminating in the discovery of the legionary fortress now known to have preceded the Roman town.

The booklet, first published in 1979 and reprinted with minor revisions in 1981, was written by Philip Crummy, Director of excavations in Colchester since 1970. It has been revised, enlarged, and reset to include the work of the early 1980s at the Culver Street site and the Roman theatre.



The early antiquarians

From 1900 to 1970, a period of rapid progress

Salvaging Colchester's past at Lion Walk

Balkerne Lane - another crucial site

Exciting discoveries at the Old Cattle Market site

More discoveries of the 1970s

The Roman theatre within the walls

A promising start at Culver Street

The development of Colchester


1984 Colchester Archaeological Trust Ltd

First edition 1979

Reprinted 1981 with minor revisions

Second edition 1984 revised and enlarged

ISBN 0-9503727-5-7